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  Bussiness Process Managment (BPM)
  Cutomer Relationship Managment
  Entrprise Resorce Planning
  Information Security Services
  Surveillance Security Solutions
  Health Information Management Systems
  Fleet Management System
  Call Centre
  Data centre
  Human Resource Management Services
  Project Management
  Systems Integration

Smart Vision Information Technology & Communications operates in some of the most demanding market environments where product resilience and integrity is essential, in our pursuit of the best practice; our policy is to provide tailored solutions which are deliverable on time, to budget, and always meet requirements.

Our Solutions are always backed up with after sales service and training to ensure maximization of customer benefits from the solutions. To provide full advantage of our products & services we had established services to the local market which will enhance our edge in offering solution among our competitors. We provide a range of value-added services that can be summarized as follows:

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