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Bussiness Process Managment (BPM):

The Ultimus BPM Workflow Suite uses a scalable, open, and reliable architecture necessary for business process management (BPM) deployments that could involve thousands of users. The architecture is based upon a Microsoft .NET foundation and leverages industry standard and powerful enterprise computing technologies, including Web Services and XML. At the centre of the product architecture is the Ultimus BPM Workflow Server (SOA). Since the Ultimus BPM Workflow Server is .NET based and leverages open technologies such as XML and Web Services, it has the ability to act as an underlying BPM Workflow platform for multiple third-party enterprise applications. These qualities and its database connectivity to MS SQL Server or Oracle enterprise databases ensure that it can meet the demands of your organization for mission-critical process automation, both now and in the future.

The Ultimus BPM Workflow Suite leverages open industry standards, such as Microsoft .NET, XML Schema, Web Services (WSDL, SOAP), MAPI, SMTP, LDAP, Active Directory. ADAM and ADSI. All server components are individual components that are modular and scalable. Ultimus BPM Workflow Suite also provides extensive APIs to tailor business processes to meet your unique requirements and is a true enterprise business process platform. It uses SQL Server or Oracle enterprise databases for scalability. Ultimus BPM Workflow Suite offers numerous open .NET and Web Services-based interfaces and an Enterprise Integration Kit (EIK) for flexibility and ease of integration.

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