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Professional Services Outsourced :

Are you short on budget, time or expertise to conceive and execute an effective marketing plan? Are you having trouble finding right skilled and leadership? Are you concerned about the cost of bringing on a full time expert?

That's why we developed Smart Vision Outsourced professional services to firms, an approach that brings the experience you need to your management team when you need it. This alternative to a full-time, salaried position allows you to leverage the knowledge and talent of a seasoned professional without a long-term commitment.

How Outsourced Professional Works

We provide a single, highly experienced professional expert who works alongside your leadership team. This professional will carry out the projects that are most important to your business goals, from planning to completion.
Your Outsourced CMO works on an as-needed basis, so it's an affordable way to access premium services. The fees are fixed and negotiated upfront, so there are no surprises. And you can stop the service at any time.

Key Benefits

• High immediate impact. Ready to go on day one.
• Your organization will gain a highly experienced marketing officer who literally becomes part of your team — more like an employee than a vendor.
• The Professional can spend time each week on-site, attending meetings and getting to know your leadership, staff and company goals.
• Most outsourced professionals firms meet with you, then go away and develop ideas. We can develop your initiatives right there with you, so buy-in is built in.
• High-level outsourced leadership for a lot less than a permanent hire and without the financial expenses often associated with such a position.
• Low risk (you can end the engagement at any time).
• Allows your existing team to focus on the things they do best.

What Does an Outsourced Expert Do?

• Provides high-level counsel on your brand and marketing programs
• Brings immediate impact to your organization and by identifying relevant and measurable business marketing goals and executing on them
• Develops and oversees the implementation of marketing plans
• Conceives and oversees short-term and long-term marketing tactics
• Provides regular reports on the progress and efficacy of marketing initiatives
• Oversees large, complicated projects (such as rebranding, a website redesign, or direct mail campaigns)
• Saves you money while bringing focus to your marketing efforts.

Is Smart Vision Outsourced Marketing for professional services right for you?

• You don't have a senior marketing executive, but you need a focused marketing effort
• You have a marketing assistant, administrator, or partner assigned to marketing who is too busy with other tasks to implement a consistent marketing strategy
• You need specialized marketing support for a specific project or initiative
• You're undergoing internal realignments or rebranding and need a credible outsider's perspective on marketing
• You need strong marketing leadership while a position is waiting to be filled
• You want to establish a marketing department and need assistance in identifying appropriate staff positions

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