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Cutomer Relationship Managment:

We work with several leading CRM Solutions ,like Microsoft HansaWorld and Sage which can be integrated with your ERP system , BPM , unified communication or used as a stand-alone system.

At xRM, helping companies manage relationships with their customers is one of the most important things we do. With over a decade of knowledge and commitment in the sales force automation industry our practice is unique and thriving. We have maintained a bleeding edge mentality and have been evangelists in the evolution of our industry. When CRM initially started making sense to companies, it was all about managing relationships with customers. As businesses have been forced to evolve and be much more dynamic, so has our industry. The need for companies to leverage the data inside a CRM solution to manage more than customers has become very apparent.

Every company is unique, and therefore will have unique requirements for what they want to achieve from a CRM solution. The incessant need to monitor, and change, key performance indicators (KPI) in an effort to make better business decisions fueled the evolution of CRM. Companies are no longer willing to invest in rigid CRM solutions, instead, they are looking for frameworks and/or platforms that they can easily customize and configure to quickly build line of business applications. This evolutionary process has seen the C in customer be replaced by the letter x, which represents the mathematical variable x, i.e., anything relationship management ( xRM). As pioneers of the xRM industry our goal was to evangelize platform over product and at the same time partner with a software publisher that was focused on delivering a framework, rather than on out of the box rigid CRM application. We are happy to say, both goals were achieved.

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